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Veritas Partner Newsletter | July 2016
ASEAN & India
DISCOUNT: NetBackup 5240 Appliance

To celebrate the launch of new-generation NetBackup 5240 Appliance, we’re offering you a promotional discount for a limited time.
Why upgrade to NetBackup 5240?

Up to 200 TB of backup storage
Up to 50% faster backup performance
Content-aware deduplication and more.
VSpeak Poll: Have your say

What will persuade customers to upgrade to NBU 5240 Appliance?

Expandable storage
Content-aware deduplication
Up to 50% faster backup speed compared to earlier models

Click here to see results from last month.

Solving customer cloud challenges - powered by Veritas

The Veritas cloud story comes together – solving cloud challenges with our partners, leveraging Veritas technology. Open up new opportunities with new buyers – including Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) featured in the updated FTB success kit.

NEW NetBackup Oracle Copilot Grid Campaign

The Veritas revolution in database backup and recovery starts with NetBackup Copilot for Oracle. Seize the opportunity of this growth market* with Forward Thinking Backup Grid module #4. 

*IDC estimates the database market will grow to $50 Billion by 2017.

NetBackup vs EMC: Who wins?

NetBackup, of course. When Platform Lab, an independent cloud and IT testing lab, did a head-to-head comparison of NetBackup with EMC’s Avamar and Data Domain, NetBackup consistently performed better.
Show your customers how Veritas outperforms the competition.

EU data protection: What it means to you

On 14 April 2016, the European Union (EU) Council and Parliament both adopted the General Data Protection Regulation. From May 2018, non-compliance fines are up to 20 million Euros and individuals have increased protection. These new laws affect all global firms. How can you protect your customers?

UPDATE: Competency accreditation mapping

Note these three new accreditations and remember that accreditations count towards competency requirements.

VCS Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7
VCS Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7 and Appliances 2.7
VCS Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x 9 (major version release)

*Log into PartnerNet/Programs/My Programs tab

Picking up Veritas products from Singapore?

Then Advanced Export Declaration (AED) applies to you! AED mandates all Singapore-based companies to submit export declarations to Singapore Customs before physical exports of all goods by sea or air. View next steps.

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