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Veritas Partner Newsletter | October 2017
ASEAN & India
Veritas announces significant advancements at Vision 2017

Our September Vision event was a resounding success where we announced significant advancements and innovations to the company’s 360 data management portfolio, plus a strategic cloud partnership with Microsoft. Key advancements include the latest release of Veritas NetBackup 8.1 with powerful new deduplication technology and Cloud Storage, a new object store solution for massive amounts of unstructured data. Read more in this issue of Veritas Voice and view key event sessions on VOX.

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Read more in this issue of Veritas Voice and view key event sessions on VOX.

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NetBackup 8.1 Delivers Unified Multi-Cloud Data Protection

NetBackup 8.1 is a significant release in NetBackup history. It delivers on the promise of modern data protection and data management with industry-leading 3x faster dedupe to the cloud with NetBackup Cloud Catalyst. Plus, NetBackup Parallel Streaming provides agentless, on-demand modern workload protection optimized for cloud-scale Big Data, Hyperconverged, and Open Source applications. Help your customers modernize and solve their most demanding multi-cloud data protection challenges with NetBackup 8.1.

New NetBackup Appliances Span from Cloud to Remote Office

Veritas announced multiple new NetBackup Appliances at Vision that continue to simplify infrastructure and reduce CapEx and OpEx costs. This includes NetBackup 5340 with 1.92PB of usable capacity, Appliance High Availability that eliminates almost all planned downtime, plus NetBackup Cloud Catalyst with 3x faster dedupe to the cloud. Learn more about the 5340 and opportunities for all the new appliances and features.

Is Your Data Center Multi-Cloud Ready?

How can you tell if your customer’s organization is truly prepared to move to a multi-cloud data center? Find out and learn how to prepare by viewing our global virtual event. You’ll get the inside story from Microsoft, Nutanix and Veritas as their top experts discuss how to successfully transition from on-premises to multi-cloud data centers and much more.

Sell well with the Veritas Sales Professional Network (VSPN)

Veritas Sales Professional Network (VSPN) is our new channel for getting you the knowledge you need to win more deals. It’s a series of video interviews with Veritas experts talking about the latest products and sales plays. But it’s more than just talk: we complement the discussion with explanatory graphics, diagrams, and analogies to deliver enablement that is clear and engaging.

Make your voice heard through the Veritas Customer and Partner Engagement Program

The Customer & Partner Engagement Program (CPEP) provides an opportunity for you to get involved and influence products so that they work the way that you need them to. Since initiatives are driven by Veritas product teams, you will have the opportunity to participate in different interactions such as product demos, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.

Veritas continues to drive Software-Defined Storage (SDS) innovation

During Vision 2017 we were excited to announce Veritas Cloud Storage, an on-premises object storage offering, which brings workflow and advanced classification capabilities designed to help organizations perform advanced analytics and derive the most value from their data. Veritas Cloud Storage supports data sets from 100’s of Terabytes to Exabytes and beyond to meet demand for the exponential growth of unstructured data.

HyperScale: software-defined storage (SDS) for new architectures

Veritas has recently released new versions of its HyperScale product for both OpenStack and Containers. Following on from the initial releases earlier this year, both offerings now have improved functionality and increased robustness to better meet customers’ software-defined storage needs via an innovative dual-plane architecture.

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