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Veritas Partner Newsletter | June 2017
Enable Successful Multi-Cloud Strategies with your Customers

Organizations looking to fast track cloud adoption in the multi-cloud world face challenges such as data visibility, complicated workload migration and lack of data protection. Veritas now has three new solutions that solve for each of these challenges:

Information Map with the new S3 Connector enables visibility of cloud-based data.
CloudMobility provides seamless portability of workloads in the multi-cloud
CloudPoint protects critical cloud workloads
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What percentage of your customers intend to, or are in the process of migrating to a multi-cloud strategy, for their cloud model?

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Introducing a new Software-Defined Storage solution for OpenStack: Veritas Hyperscale

We are excited to announce Veritas Hyperscale for OpenStack, designed to maximize your customers’ workload performance, lower their operating costs and protect their data in OpenStack-based cloud environments – so you can enable your customers adopting cloud-based architectures to fully realize the benefits of this new SDS solution.

New and for you: partner sales play kits

Leverage our new partner sales play kits to differentiate your capability, show value with your offer and drive your leads to sales! Access our new kits on Cloud Migration & Adoption, Mitigating Risk & Compliance and Modernizing Data Protection for insight on how to address key customer challenges, sales approaches and how to sell to different target customers.

Don't miss the Veritas Multi-Cloud strategies digital event

Learn key strategies that are critical to success in the move from hybrid cloud to multi-cloud infrastructures. Hear experts from IDC, Microsoft and Veritas discuss the critical differences between hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, key strategies for speedy and successful multi-cloud initiatives, how your customers can stay in control of their data, whatever their cloud model and more.

BE Protected: Don’t be held ransom

The WannaCry ransomware is one of the most significant and widespread cyber security attacks ever experienced. In order to avoid infections, companies are urgently required to make proactive efforts to minimize damages through continuous backup and security updates. Veritas has a strategy that protects against ransomware in three stages:

1. Educate
2. Secure
3. Backup
Veritas is: The Truth in Multi-Cloud

As a valued Veritas Partner, you are our greatest ally by helping customers protect their most critical asset – information. We’re excited to share a brand new advertising campaign showcasing our cloud strategy. Plus you can read the latest on our cloud approach. Come on the journey with us as we chart a clearer course to the cloud.

Next Generation SQL solution by Veritas Velocity

After Oracle, Veritas Velocity adds support for SQL Server, allowing customers to protect and instantly provision SQL databases for TestDev. This next generation solution allows customers to use Velocity in standalone mode or in conjuction with current backup applications like NBU, SQL Management Studio or Litespeed.

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